Amlaak A’sharqyya LLC was established in: 2007 and it is a 100% Omani company, registered a first-class company. Regional presence:Oman

Nature of Business:
Amlaak A’sharqyya authorized distributor by Shell Oman Marketing and the first commercial fuel distributor in the Sultanate. The company operates in the field of supply and the sale of all kinds of petroleum products, transportation, distribution, sale of oil and its derivatives.

Company Objectives:
The company's goals is to provide the best services to our customers and partners and to support their development , plans and interest in the common interests and the embodiment of total base contributes to community service and development.

The company strives for prompt service and distinctive in the field of transportation and marketing of fuels through a modern fleet of fuel tankers cruising all regions of Oman and to provide quality service to satisfied customers The company offers service work during the24-hourworkday, 7days a week, 365 days a year, Where the company operates in all the circumstances of emergency and through and this has increased the confidence of many of our customers, especially government agencies and major corporations.

Since the establishment of the company in 2006,we adopted the objectives of the strategy, and the most prominent of these goal:

  • The provision of modern equipment for the transport and unloading of fuel
  • The supply of diesel fuel in a timely manner and without delay.
  • Provide the finest transportation of petroleum products through special trucks and modern equipment.
  • Provide fuel in the quantities required byt he customer, whether small, medium or large
  • Supply fuel to all places rugged, desert and mountain and through the provision of equipment
  • Supply fuel to all places rugged, desert and mountain and through the provision of equipment
  • So we work in different terrain
  • Discrimination credibly work with customers
  • Work on increasing the loyalty of customers towards the company, in order to become their first choice