Amlaak felt Timor since its inception to offer their services to the highest standards of quality and committed itself to every details of safety and reflected through the provision of services in a fleet of 26 trucks , modern and equipped with the latest modern techniques , here is a brief overview about it :

  • All trucks licensed by the Civil Defense Royal Oman Police
  • licensed by Shell Oman Marketing according to international standards for the company in the traffic safety and quality in the conservation and transportation of petroleum products
  • licensed by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

It is Divided as follows:

  • Trucks Petroleum aluminum capacity : 45,000 liters
  • 13 Trucks Petroleum Bsa : 36400 liters card accommodate 473.200 liters
  • 5 Trucks Petroleum capacity : 22,500 liters card Astaab 112,500 liters
  • 4 Trucks Petroleum capacity : 10,000 liters card accommodate 40,000 liters
  • 3 Trucks Petroleum capacity : 7,300 liters Card Capacity: 21,900 liters
  • Petroleum truck capacity : 4.500 liters Card Capacity: 9,000 liters
  • Truck in the same capacity 1200 L
  • Four-wheel vehicles is used for hexavalent very rugged places that trucks cannot reach

With a plan to increase the number of tankers for up to thirty-five trucks in the near , God willing, because of the confidence of many customers of the services that we offer and are keen to continue with us.